Ilia State University (ISU) established in 2006 as a merger of six different institutions, is a flagship public research and comprehensive higher education institution in the South Caucasus which focuses on scientific advancement and transferring top-notch knowledge to facilitate societal development at both the local and international level.

Its 4 schools – School of Arts and Sciences, School of Natural Sciences and Medicine, School of Business, Technology and Education and School of Law – offer distinctive educational programs in their respective disciplines and along with 30 large and small-scale research institutes and centers – create in-depth research opportunities in social sciences, humanities, business, law, medicine, life sciences, earth sciences, and hard sciences.

ISU pays special attention to research. More than 14% of its annual budget is directed to research activities. 40% of leading Georgian scientists conduct research at the institutes and centers of the University, covering a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied sciences.

Ilia State University is actively involved in international projects. It co-operates with more than 500 partner universities, organizations, and donors. The priority of current national and international projects is the development of infrastructure and new programs, improvement of academic and scientific potentials, as well as the exchange of international experience with leading universities, as well as research organizations and institutions.

During the last 10 years, Ilia State University participated in more than 300 international and national research grants, the general budget of which is more than GEL 50 million. In the above-mentioned grants, the University is engaged not only in the status of a partner but as a grant recipient organization as well. It should be noted that within the framework of the TEMPUS program, ISU is the first grant-owner university in Georgia. Currently, 90 projects of various themes and directions are being implemented at the University, financed by international and local donors, including the state program for the promotion of scientific research and revenues from the economic activities of the University.

The scientific-research units at Ilia State University create an effective basis for the University to develop the involvement of MA and Doctoral students/ young personnel in fundamental and applied scientific research.